Best city electric bikes: our top 3 models tested in 2024

Best city electric bikes: our top 3 models tested in 2024

The range of electric bikes is increasingly wide, and we can only rejoice about it. For city dwellers in particular, many brands release new models of electrically assisted bikes designed for daily use every year: city bike, cargo bike, speed bike: it’s not easy to choose when you haven’t tried them all. At Cleanrider, we test e-bikes of all kinds for you, in order to give you our impressions of the best products and help you in your purchase of an electric bike.

By combining the pleasure of outdoor riding with the power of an electric motor, e-bikes are one of the most pleasant, practical and eco-responsible means of transport. If you opt for an electric bike, you will be able to cover greater distances without getting tired, or arriving sweaty at the office, and even park the car! An ideal way to maintain a healthy lifestyle without necessarily breaking the bank, thanks to assistance with the purchase of an electric bike which makes access to low-carbon mobility possible for everyone.

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