Test Fiido C11 : vélo électrique abordable et bon pour la ville

affordable and good for the city electric bike

The manufacturer Fiido has already proven several times in the past that good e-bikes do not have to be expensive. For example, the Fiido D4S folding e-bike even won the Gold Award in our test at the time and had virtually no major defects. Although the C11 cannot be folded, it is a high-quality and comfortable city electric bike, extremely suitable for city traffic. Learn more in our Fido C11 Review.

Technical data

The product C11
Engine Power: 500 watts
Pedaling assistance: Up to 25 km/h
Power levels: five levels
To drive CHAIN ​​drive
Total weight allowed 120kg
Material Aluminum
Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes
Display LCD screen with information on battery, speed and power level
Battery Replaceable 500 Wh lithium-ion battery (charge time: 5 hours)
Weight and dimensions Weight: 24.5 kg
Wheel size: 27 inches
Distance according to manufacturer up to 90 km
The price 899.00 euros

Fiido C11 Review: delivery and assembly contents

  • convincing and generous delivery content
  • 95 percent pre-assembled
  • very easy to set up

As is the case with an electric bike purchased online, the Fiido C11 must also be assembled beforehand. The large box of 31.5 kg gives hope that the bike will not be dismantled with too many spare parts, and this is indeed the case.

Fiido packs the e-bike almost fully assembled in the box and includes the accessories and tools required for assembly in a separate package. Only the front wheel and accessories such as handlebars, lights and kickstand need to be fitted. The individual components are protected from transport damage by generous insulation and cable ties.

Very practical: as the accessory box is divided into different levels, you can assemble the bike step by step. It’s also very simple, especially since all the necessary tools are also included.

The assembly during the Fiido C11 test proved simple and quick. There were no problems assembling our test model. The luggage rack, mudguards and saddle were also perfectly installed from the factory. Once everything is in place, simply plug in the power cable and check the tire pressure and the C11 is ready for its first test drive.

Fiido C11 test: design and manufacturing

  • Step by step design for men and women
  • chic color palette
  • well done

Fiido offers the C11 in two colors: white and emerald blue. This latter color is also visible on our test model and scores points with its anodized finish, which sometimes presents bluish or greenish reflections depending on the incidence of light.

In total, the e-bike has a length of 1,820mm and an overall height with handlebars of 1,150mm, weighing 24.5kg when fully assembled.

It is, however, not particularly compact and light, but its high weight testifies to a convincing finish, which we can confirm. The welds are well done, the entire aluminum construction is sturdy and high quality – nothing wobbles or squeaks. Excellent, especially considering the low price.

As a step-over bike, the C11 has a low step-over and is therefore aimed at both men and women between 150 cm and 200 cm tall. The maximum load capacity is 120 kg and therefore in the right range.

The ergonomic and pleasantly soft Velo saddle, which hugs your back very comfortably, and the robust suspension fork on the front axle, designed to effectively compensate for uneven terrain, promise a comfortable ride. If desired, this can also be locked by means of a rotating wheel and can thus be adapted to the desired route, weight and comfort.

This is all combined with bright LED lighting front and rear, with the front light rotating even with your movements and illuminating exactly where light is needed in the dark.

The 500 Wh battery is located in the center of the Fiido C11 frame and can be easily removed and charged anywhere. It is also protected against theft by a lock.

The characteristics of the Fiido C11

  • powerful engine
  • high quality components
  • Starting aid and horn do not comply with StVZO

There’s also not much to complain about when it comes to the equipment of the Fiido C11. The electric bike is equipped with a powerful 500 W brushless motor (up to 678 watts at maximum power) on the rear wheel, which delivers 55 Nm of torque and accelerates the C11 up to 25 km/h.

The electric city bike offers a total of five riding modes, which can be easily adjusted via the LCD display on the handlebars. This is easy to read and also provides information on battery life, battery charge status and much more. It also has a USB-A port underneath, which can be used to charge smartphones and other devices.

To maximize comfort, the height and angle of the C11 handlebar can be adjusted to suit your body. The bike is accelerated by a Shimano 6-speed gearbox, while hydraulic disc brakes ensure efficient deceleration.

According to the manufacturer, the IP54 protected Fiido C11 achieves a convincing range of up to 90 kilometers, which is good value but by no means exceptional. For comparison, the Urtopia Carbon One (our test) only reaches 60 km, contrary to the manufacturer’s specifications. The C11 also settles into this range in practice.

The empty battery can then be recharged in the bike or removed. It is important to note, however, that the included power supply does not like water and should therefore be charged in a dry place. A full charge takes approximately five hours.

The accelerator or starting aid on the left side is somewhat problematic for German road traffic, as it is not permitted in this country, but can be removed quickly and easily if necessary. The extra-loud horn must also be replaced with a standard bicycle bell in accordance with the StVZO if you plan to ride in traffic.

Fiido C11 review: Driving comfort is pleasant

  • high level of comfort thanks to the soft seat
  • adjustable and successful suspension
  • Handy Fiido app

The combination of a soft saddle, convincing suspension and comfortable 700C tires ensures convincing riding comfort in the Fiido C11 test. And not just on perfectly paved roads, but also on rougher terrain like cobblestones and even the rare dirt roads.

There is nothing to complain about ergonomically either. Adjusting the bike to your body is no problem thanks to the adjustable saddle and handlebar height. This means that even small drivers can enjoy a high level of comfort, even though the C11 is quite large and therefore heavy.

The operation of the C11 also works perfectly. It can also be expanded via the handy Fiido app for Android and iOS, which also allows you to make numerous adjustments or view parameters for battery life, battery charge and much more.

Fiido C11 Review: Conclusion

The Fiido C11 once again impressively proves that a convincing and well-equipped e-bike does not have to cost several thousand euros. The design and choice of materials do not attract any criticism and the high-quality equipment also suggests a much more expensive vehicle.

Sure, the finish isn’t quite up to par with more expensive competitors, but we really had no complaints during the test. The ride comfort and handling also do an impeccable job, although the range in reality is of course well below the manufacturer’s specifications.

Particularly annoying are the components that do not comply with the StVZO, namely the starting aid up to 25 km/h and the extremely loud horn. Although both can be easily removed and replaced inexpensively, and in some cases even disabled in the companion app.

If that doesn’t bother you, the Fiido C11 is a versatile and compelling e-bike for city traffic at an almost unbeatable price and simply fun to ride.

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